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Sunday, 16 December 2012

twisted headcase

With 5mm straight needles and aran weight yarn, cast on 4 sts

Knit 4 rows. Make buttonhole on row 5: K2 YO K2tog. K1 row.

Work 18 rows garter stitch, increasing 1st at each end of the next and every following alternate row. (22sts)

Work 4 more rows garter stitch.

Begin cable panel:

1.  K5 P2 K8 P2 K5
2. K7 P8 K7
3. K5 P2 C8F P2 K5
4. K7 P8 K7
5-8 Repeat rows 1 and 2 twice.

Repeat the cable panel 9 times (or until the band is approx 4.5" short to wrap around head when slightly stretched), finishing on a 4th row.

Work 4 rows garter stitch.

Work 18 more rows of garter stitch, decreasing 1st at each end of next and every following alt row. (4sts)

cast off

Sew button to cast off edge.

Have warm ears!

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