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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Girlie Frills

My God-daughter - "E" - has asked for a baking party for her birthday next month. There will be 6 girls and a very small boy in total.

I thought it would be nice to make them each a little pinny and a head band as take home gifts. I found a lovely duvet cover in Wilco's for a tenner, and set to work chopping it up.

The main part of the pinny is made from a rectangle of the reverse side of the cover, and the pocket and waistband from cut out motifs from the front.

First cut a rectangle about 24" x 16" for the pinny. Turn a double hem of about half an inch along the sides and bottom.
Then cut a rectangle about 9" x 7" and hem the top for the pocket. Press under half an inch along the sides and bottom.
Cut another rectangle for the waistband 16" x 14"
Sew the pocket in the middle of the main rectangle, 4" down from the top
Sew a running stitch along the top of the pinny, and gather to fit along the waistband, allowing half inch hem each end of the waistband. Spread the gathers evenly and pin to the right side of the waistband along one long edge, turning under half an inch each end of the band.
 Sew just below the gathering stitch
Press under a half inch hem along the other long edge of the band and then fold the band in half over to the right side of the pinny. Press and pin.
Cut 2 18" lengths of 1" wide ribbon and hem one end of each. Sandwich the raw end of one ribbon into each end of the folded waistband and stitch in place.
The scarves are even easier:
Cut a triangle approx 20" along the top and 14" each side
Then turn over a double hem on the wrong side along the 2 shorter sides. Snip off the extra "bit" you get in each corner.

Turn under a double hem on the right side of the top edge. Pin or tack ribbon along this hem, leaving approx 12" at each end to use as ties.
I put a pinny and a scarf in each tin and added a chocolate coin, as well as a couple of labels - 1 so they can label their tin, and 2 so they can wear a name bade to stop me being confused! (hope they don't swap about!)
And for the little boy I made a chef outfit (although there is a spare in case he would rather wear pink)
Quite cute take home gifts I think!

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