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Friday, 18 October 2013

Curious in the snow

It has been mentioned before that my godson LOVES curious George. We were watching an episode at the weekend, where George is in the snow - he was wearing a red trapper style hat and a red scarf.

Harry said he would like a hat and scarf like George - so his fairy Godmother set to work.

Double knitting (8ply) yarn in red
4mm straight needles
4mm circular needle

Ear flap:
Cast on 11 sts.
Knit 2 rows
Row 3 Knit, increasing 1 stitch each end (I used kfb) (13sts)
Row 4 Knit
Row 5 Knit
Row 6 K3 P to last 3 sts K3
Row 7 Knit, increasing 1 stitch each end  (15sts)
Row 8 K3 P to last 3 sts K3
Row 9 Knit
Row 10 K3 P to last 3 sts K3 *

Repeat from ** to * 5 more times (25 stitches)

Cut yarn and leave sts on a holder.

Work second earflap exactly the same, but do not cut yarn

Cast on 6 sts. K across these 6 sts, K across 2nd earflap, increasing 1st at each end as before.
Cast on 24sts. K across 1st earflap, increasing 1st at each end as before. Cast on 6st. (90sts)

Join to work in the round. Place marker to mark beginning and end of each round.

Round 1 P9  K21  P30  K21  P9
Round 2 K all sts
Round 3 P8  K23  P28  K23  P8

Work a further 24 rounds in stocking stitch (in the round every round is knit)

Dec row 1: (K2tog K5 SSK) 10 times (70sts)
K 4 rounds

Dec row 2: (K2tog K3 SSK) 10 times (50sts)
K4 rounds

Dec row 3: (K2tog K1 SSK) 10 times (30sts)
K4 rounds

Dec row 4: (S1 K2tog PSSO) 10 times (10sts)
K1 round

Cut yarn. Thread yarn through remaining sts, pull tight and secure.

With right side facing, pick up and knit 24 sts from front edge of hat, just above the garter stitch border.

I then had to cut yarn and rejoin on the right side to continue but I am sure there is a better way!
Garter stitch straight for 16 rows.

Row 17 K1 ssk K to last 3 sts K2tog K1
Row 18 K across

repeat last 2 rows twice more (18sts)
Cast off

Secure the flap to the front of the hat with a few stitches.
Sew in ends

This was a simple sideways knit - CO 200sts. stocking stitch 4 rows, then reverse stocking stitch 4 rows. Repeat these 8 rows till wide enough!

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