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Friday, 23 August 2013

A4 Folder

Chunky yarn
5mm needles
tension not important

CO 45 stitches

Work 10 rows in moss st (every row = (k1 p1) rep to end)

Row 1: (K1 p1) 3times k1 (cable panel: p2 k8 p2) (p1 k1) 3 times p1 (cable panel: p2 k8 p2) (K1 p1) 3times k1

Row 2: (K1 p1) 3times k1 (cable panel: k2 p8 k2) (p1 k1) 3 times p1 (cable panel: k2 p8 k2) (K1 p1) 3times k1

Row 3: As row 1
Row 4: as row 2

Row 5: (K1 p1) 3times k1 (cable panel: p2 C8f p2) (p1 k1) 3 times p1 (cable panel: p2 C8b p2) (K1 p1) 3times k1
Row 6: As row 2

Row 7: As row 1
Row 8: as row 2

Repeat rows 1 to 8 five more times

Work rows 1 and 2 once more

Work 10 rows in Moss stitch.
Knit 1 row. Purl 1 row (for fold line).

This is the first half of the bag complete. Do not cast off - continue on these stitches to make the second half of the bag:

Work 68 rows in moss stitch
Knit 1 row, purl 1 row (for fold line)

Moss stitch 4 rows.
Button hole row: Moss stitch 12 stitches. YRN p2tog. Moss stitch to last 12 sts. YO K2tog. Moss stitch to end.
Moss stitch 5 more rows.
Cast off in moss stitch.

With right sides together oversew seams, folding on fold line at half way point.

Turn right side out and sew buttons on to the front to correspond with buttonholes on flap

Ta Dah!

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