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Monday, 19 November 2012


To Mimi's family

"So sorry for your loss". How many times has that been said? Too many to sound sincere. But it is. I am very sorry for your loss. And mine.
Mimi - real name Irmgard, renamed by the children who mispronounced "Oma". From then on she was Mimi to all who loved her.

Mimi has to be the most incredible person I ever knew. She was courageous. She was strong. She survived so much, yet remained caring and compassionate. She had strong principles and stuck to them, even in the face of ridicule at times.

She overcame great personal and national tragedies, which I believe contributed to her strength. She was the most self aware person I met in my life, overcoming conditioning to become capable of great empathy. When she relaxed enough she had a sense of humour second to none.

While I knew her I admired her, respected her and grew to love her.

I truly am sorry for our loss.

1929 to 2012

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